DOBOT CR7 Collaborative Robotic Arm (Cobot)

Made For Flexible Applications
The CR series has payloads ranging from 3 to 16 kg and covers 200+ application scenarios in 15+ major
industries including automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductive, healthcare and retail. They are
safe and efficient, flexible and user friendly, easily fulfilling the needs of the end users.

•6-axis Robot
•SafeSkin technology made CR series to be the safest cobots for man-machine collaboration
•Guarantees safety and efficiency at the same time
•20-mins setup, 1-hour to put into application
•Supports extensive portfolio of end of arm tooling
•Suits for wide range of applications and tasks with weight requirements such as palletizing and handling



24.5 kg


7 kg

Working Radius

800 mm

Max. Reach

990 mm


+/- 0.02 mm

Max. Speed of TCP

3 m/s

Ecosystem of Accessories: Dobot+
Dobot robots support over 100 plug-and-play 2D/3D vision sensor, gripper, force sensor,
end effector accessories and more than 20 development platforms to enable secondary
development for advanced customizable application scenarios, such as loading and
unloading, sorting, inspection, screwdriving, transporting, polishing and gluing.

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