The M1 Pro is a collaborative SCARA made for the light industry. Its capabilities are built on top of the advantages of M1, and integrates Dobot's smart software and hardware platforms, making it ideal for the manufacturing needs of the light industry as it can perform even more complicated tasks. The M1 Pro features sensor-free collision detection, drag-to-teach programming, and high precision and interference resistant encoders for more accurate controls. Secondary development is possible to enable more application scenarios.

Fast Deployment for Flexible Production.
Equipped with a built-in controller, the M1 Pro is highly compact and portable. It can be seamlessly integrated into any existing production lines, making it perfect for small batch flexible manufacturing.

Safe Collaboration with Incredible Expandability
The M1 Pro is designed to work alongside humans safely. The robot will stop automatically and immediately if it bumps into any object. A wide array of accessories is available for users to choose from, including grippers, suction cups and vision kits. The vision kit perfectly meets the needs of visual applications such as visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition. Packed with dozens of I/Os and two network interfaces, the M1 Pro unlocks unlimited possibilities for automation.

Ideal for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
The highly portable and cost effective M1 Pro delivers fast setup and flexible deployment with minimal downtime and investment. It is designed to be low maintenance, making the M1 Pro ideal for
SMEs looking for automation solution.

Weight 15.7 kg
Payload 1.5 kg
Working Radius 400 mm
Number of Axes 4
Repeatability +/- 0.02 mm
Software DobotStudio, SCStudio

Dobot M1 Pro Demo

Dobot M1 Application Demo

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