DOBOT Palletizing Robot

Ready to Use.
The palletizing solution is an integrated smart system with robust software to maximize production efficiency. The combination of a DOBOT CR series robotic arm, intuitive software, and powerful hardware minimizes the difficulty of integration and reduces cycle time, customizable to your needs. The solution ensures a simple and fast installation just right of the box. A cost-effective palletizer with zero programming skills necessary for installation applies to multiple industries, such as healthcare, chemicals, food and beverage, and logistics.

Modular Design.
The solution comes with all the core components. Installation can be completed in 2 to 4 hours.

Easy Setup.
No programming required. Complete setup in just 4 steps and under 10 minutes.

Operation Data Monitoring.
Monitor live status and review operation data with custom designed software.

Compatible with External Safety Devices.
For additional safety features, the I/O ports can be connected to 3rd party equipment such as emergency stop sensors, safety doors, and light curtains.

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